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by Roberta Hataway on 

For HSFM Physical Science Class. I have the textbook and the Solutions and Tests Manual, a $35 set.  Please contact Roberta Hataway at or text me at 714-615-3467.

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Advanced biology
by Jeremy I Hill on 

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In Search of Notgrass Exploring America Bundle
by Deena Peterson on 

Looking to purchase the 3 textbooks, student review, quiz and exam book, and student review for the HSFM American History course.  Please email.  Thank you.


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Apologia Chemistry 3rd Edition for Sale
by Leslie on 

For Sale - $30 for both books- Apologia Chemistry Textbook 3rd Edition with the Solution & Test Book

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Exploring Creation with Physical Science
by rdpeterson on 

Physical Science Text book as well as Solutions and Tests manual in good condition.  For the HSFM Physical Science course.  Does not include consumable Student Notebook.  Asking $40 for the set.  Please contact Deena Peterson at for additional information.

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Digital Printing in Kochi
by petcots on 

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Notgrass Government and Economics
by Lynette  on 

We would be interested in purchasing used copies of Notgrass’ Government and Economics curriculum. Thanks! Lynette (949)705-9273 or

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ISO Apologia Physics text, solutions & tests, 2nd ed.
by Belynda on 

Please text or email me. (562) 673-6050 (cell) or

Thank you,
Belynda Quimby

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Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 3rd edition
by KristyCobb on 
Exploring Creaton with Chemistry, 3rd edition

Chemistry Text book, Test booklet, and Solutions manual in good condition from non-smoking home.  For the HSFM High School Chemistry course. Purchased used with some writing in it. You will still need to buy the consumable Student Notebook.  Asking $35. Please contact Kristy Cobb@714-625-6244 or for information. Thanks!

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Exploring Creation with Chemistry Student Notebook
by Deena Peterson on 

Chemistry Student Notebook in fair condition from non-smoking home.  For the HSFM Chemistry course.  Purchased used and multiple pages have writing.  No longer need as one was included with a bundle purchased after.  Asking $15 (new $27.50). Please contact Deena Peterson at for complete list of pages that have writing or with any other questions.  The other book I purchased also had writing and I was able to cover easily to save $.

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